My mom is getting upset because I’m not picking the tomatoes off the plant. I said no some of them can’t be picked. She was like they’re going to rot and I said that’s good that means they may regrow next year. She kept on insisting that I pick them. I tried to tell her that the plants are living things. She tried to equate it to how the farmers do things and I said no that’s not how we’re doing it. That we are going to show respect to them. She said she used to pick things all the time and asked me what was the difference between then and now. I told her that she didn’t understand it back then. I told her that you have to ask first before you take because that shows respect. Then I said that she didn’t know what they would say so I had to do it. Then she told me “okay. You can do it then.”

Normally I never feel the presence of deities outside of the Norse pantheons. However! Because my partner is a Hellenist, I often feel the presence of Greek deities. Hades is especially strong around him.

I am coming to realize that just because you read something, doesn’t mean you know everything about it. In order to get a proper experience of my religion and magical practice, I have to just do the things I feel led to do and also do what I am reading. If all I ever do is read then I can never come to a true understanding of what it is to do the magical and spiritual rites that I’m reading about. I will never experience that magic because I’m not doing it. Reading is only half of the work. I have to do what is written too in order to get an experience of what this or that feels like, especially concerning spirit working. I think this also shows me that I can learn from others, but I can never truly understand it because I’m not practicing it. Knowledge comes with reading and experience, but understanding comes through the experience of doing it.

Sometimes when you express to people historical facts about the fact they were wrong, they just say “oh I know that already” well if you knew then why did you say it was wrong to begin with? Sometimes I just don’t understand people.

My family doesn’t understand that plants are a living thing. I try to show respect for every plant, even the grass. When I take food from a plant, I ask permission each time I take it. My family doesn’t do this. I had a discussion with my mom and I had asked her not to pick the tomatoes because it was disrespectful. When she asked how I explained to her that you must first ask before taking and that if you just take then it’s disrespectful to the plant. She laughed about it in front of me and my friend. We didn’t laugh and she just merely walked off.

I now see the purpose in my family. For a long time I thought that I had to keep my practices a secret. Now I see that it is time to reveal a portion of what I do to them to show them why we must respect every living thing, even if we eat it or cut it. I believe that I am the bridge between the spirits and my family. To help my family understand that spirits while immobile physically, exist within these lovely creatures we call plants and animals. While my family has a better respect for animals, I hope to also teach them about the plants and how they are intelligent. Even if they never understand, at least I made that attempt on behalf of the spirits that I work with. To at least try to open them to that experience.

I finally found a incense burner that stands up instead of laying down. My thoughts of buying this were that I needed to look more closely for things for my practices in places that may be nearby and have less of a price attached to them. Mundane stores can have some good quality pagan items too.

Calling to Skunk

Most people, when they say they have a connection to an animal, it is often times a very popular animal among people that produces some kind of awe factor like bears, deer, fox, or hawk. My experience is sort of different.

I have a pull towards Skunk. Even though my last experience with Fox did not go over well, I can only hope that Skunk may be more willing to give me a chance in communion. I have a skunk tail that I haven’t used for animal spirit work, but I think I might do just that. Skunk and I have some similarities in personality and the way we do things sometimes, so I may be able to relate to Skunk easier than I did fox.

I’m going to think about this more and maybe do some pre-energy work before actually making contact. Stroking the Skunk tail and getting a sort of sense of Skunks energy. Until now it seems Skunk has laid dormant. Maybe this is the time that I start my animal spirit work. Oh Skunk, lead me and guide me, help me see what you see and know what you know, allow me into your life and those of your children if you wish it so. I shall give you boundaries for that is what you wish, let me in your cave to show me the secrets you have hid.

I typically ask plants if I can take something from them before I pick it off. Usually I get a yes or no kinda feeling. If I don’t ask the branch or flower or whatever it is, it won’t come off. But if I ask, it comes off so easy like it was nothing. I’ve gotten into the habit of saying “relieve it upon me?” As a question and every time I pick a tomato, it just comes off easier. I’ve tried this method with other plants with the same results. I think there is more to them then just food and decoration. I believe they have real intelligence.